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Cooking Methods Explained & Need To Know Cooking Terms

最近在整理 Notion 的菜谱,找到一个很有意思的文章:Cooking Methods Explained & Need To Know Cooking Terms,调了关键点记录如下:

Dry Heat Cooking

Broiling:above、contact with fat(炸)


Roasting:inside 按oven、all sides、more slowly、meats or vegetables 烤鸭

Baking:all sides、bread、rolls、cakes

Sauteing:Saute,French word "jump"、炒

Moist Heat Cooking

temperature(Fahrenheit):140 < Poaching < 180(tiny bubbles) < Simmering < 205 < 212(boiling point) < Boiling
without oil or fat

  • Poaching:low heat、tilapia, cod、煮(低温水煮)鱼、煮蛋(a soft, tender egg white and creamy yolk)
  • Simmering:first bring water to the boiling point and then lower the temperature、Rice,Grains,Dried beans and Legumes 煮饭、煮/煲汤
       - it produces a rich flavorful broth that can be used in soups or stews.
  • Boiling:boiling point, large bubbles、煮面、煮蛋(hard- or soft-boiled eggs, The texture of the yolk can range from firm to creamy)
       - slow boil:means that the water has just started to produce large, slow-moving bubbles but is not quite heated to the boiling temperature.
       - full boil:occurs at the boiling point and results in fast-moving, rolling bubbles.
  • Steaming:蒸
       - Other methods of steaming:using a pot and steamer basket, using a microwave, or wrapping foods in foil so they can steam in the oven

Combination Cooking

first seared in a hot oiled pan then transferred to a larger pot to cook in hot liquid

  • Braising:only partially submerged in simmering water, Smaller cuts of meat, pork shoulder, lamb shank 炖五花肉
       - Sauteing
       - Simmering:low heat,liquid becomes reduced
  • Stewing:completely submerged in hot liquid、brisket, oxtail, parsnips, turnips 炖牛腩、牛尾
       - a thick, flavorful gravy filled with tender bites of meat and soft vegetables